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Travel Medical Insurance

Don't leave home without your international travel medical insurance plan

 Travel medical insurance provides leisure or business travelers a health insurance benefit in the short term, including illness, accident, emergency along with medical evacuation and repatriation of remains and bedside visit , among many other features.  Perfect for single or multiple trips, groups of travelers, inbound foreign visitors to the USA, students traveling abroad and much more.

International Health Insurance

If you are living, working and residing abroad, don't forget international major medical insurance.

 International health insurance provides those longer term individuals, families, expatriates and employees full major medical insurance benefits that reside and work worldwide.  Includes wellness, pre-existing medical condition coverage and can include maternity and newborn.  Are you a missionary, NGO or AidWorker ?  Do you live aboard your yacht or vessel ?  Or maybe you are immigrating to the USA ?

U.S.A. Medical Plans

Are you without health insurance in the United States ?  Opted out of ACA plans ?  Check out STM .

 We offer difficult to find medical insurance benefits, post collapse of the ACA/Obamacare issues of late.  Short term medical (STM) insurance benefits are an affordable option.  We also offer MediShare, a health care sharing ministry option for the Christian community at large.

Are you back in the states visiting for one month or longer ?  Check out STM ! 

Life Insurance - AD&D

Are you traveling to third world locations where you could use a little extra life insurance?

Accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) can be provided in any country worldwide, including war/ terrorism zones.  High limits are available without underwriting, issued same day.  International term life insurance is also a potential option.  Need bank loan indemnification or other Failure to Survive benefits?

Disability Income Protection

Most will experience a disability once in their working life time.  Are you prepared ?

 Offering advanced plan options for income protection providing additional layers of coverage for high income earners, difficult to insure professions, traditionally "uninsurable clients", professional athletes, business overhead expenses and so much more.  Are you a physician, commerical pilot, movie star or professional racecar driver ?

Specialized Coverages for...

Diplomatic & Consular Risks

Covering diplomats, consulate workers, embassy employees and contractors worldwide in all high risk

Global Exposure for Executives

Does your work take you overseas?  Is HR providing the appropriate business travel medical plan ?

Journalists in War Zones

Are you a journalist or media worker in hazardous war zones worldwide?  Need life insurance ?

Acts of War & Terrorism

Are you an independent contractor working in a high risk terrorism zone? Providing medical and life

Emerging Global Epidemics

Are you an NGO aidworker in hot zones where emerging global epidemics are occuring?  Get covered.

Humanitarian/ NGO/ 3rd World

Doing humanitarian work on mission or with an NGO worldwide ?  Be sure you have the proper coverage

Kidnap / Detention/ Crisis Mgt

Need a contingency plan while traveling and working in high risk countries ?  Kidnap Insurance.

Immigration to USA

Immigrating to the USA?  Need Medicare-like coverage for the next 5 years?  Review the Bridge Plan.

Exchange Visitors / Schengen Visa

Traveling to the European Union (EU).  Need a valid schengen travel medical visa insurance plan ?

International Students / Scholars

Studing abroad worldwide or coming to the USA for studies or on a scholar visa?  Student travel med

High Adventure / Sporting

Do you enjoy high adventure leisure activities ?  Kite surfing, mountain climbing,  skiing and more

Government Contractors

Are you an independent contractor working in war zones ?  Need DBA Workers Comp?  Life, disability ?

About Our Firm

Nearly 20 years insuring clients worldwide

We have served tens of thousands of individuals, families, businesses and independent contractors worldwide since the turn of the century.

Recipient of BBB Ethics Award since 2005

 BBB TORCH Awards recognize companies and charities with exceptional ethics and service to their customers, employees and communities .  We have maintained an A+ rating with superior customer service worldwide.

Knowledge and Experience

We have extensive access to many special risk underwriters including Lloyds, London, across many specialties within our industry.  This gives our clients an edge when placing risks that are hard to insure.  All of our partner carriers are A rated or better.

"Insuring The Globe" , one risk at a time 

Our Partners

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