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GeoBlue: Xplorer

  • annually renewable long term coverage
  • comprehensive benefits
  • available to foreign nationals with permanent residency or H2B Visa status in the USA for use in the USA
  • extensive provider network using BCBS allowing for direct billing of claims
  • pre-existing conditions coverage
  • Policy wording details
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Seven Corners: Inbound Immigrant

  •  up to 364 days continous coverage & can be extended for up to 5 years or until Medicare eligible
  • scheduled and limited benefits, maternity coverage and coverage up to age 99 
  • Guaranteed issued same day, no medical underwriting
  • Policy wording details
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International Medical Group: Global Medical Insurance

  •  up to 364 days continous coverage & can be extended for up to 3 years
  • comprehensive benefits
  • available to both US and non US citizens, both outbound and inbound travel
  • Policy wording details
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Petersen Underwriters: Bridge Plan

  • up to 364 days continous coverage & can be extended until Medicare eligible
  • available to non US citizens residing in an approved state
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Immigrant medical insurance brochure downloads

Below you will have access to the above listed program PDF brochure download files for each of the travel medical insurance programs.

Immigrating to the United States ?  Without insurance or traditional coverage too expensive?

Why immigrant medical insurance ?

Features & Uses of Long Term Immigrant Medical Insurance:

Are you or your family coming to America to live or work ?  Don't have immediate options for health insurance or you find the current programs available to you are just too expensive for what you need ?  We have you covered !  Health care in America can be very expensive and often times those immigrating to the USA, especially over age 60, don't realize they are not eligible to buy into the American Medicare program until they have resided in the USA for 5 years continuously.  We have options.


Of the plans we list on this page, they all provide for health care benefits.  Of the plans we list, GeoBlue Xplorer has, we feel, the most comprehensive and least restrictive regulations for covering abroad and for in the USA; they also utilize the Blue Cross/ Blue Shield PPO Network in America.  The other plans listed are equally good but may have more restrictions as it pertains to certain pre-existing conditions, maternity benefits and other wellness benefits.  They also have their own partner PPO Networks both inside and outside the USA.  Be sure you review each plan carefully, especially to be sure it will cover the items you specifically are looking to cover.  A few of the plans noted above may be considered to have "scheduled benefits".   Review our sidebar note on what scheduled benefits involve and how such a plan is priced more economically than a comprehensive, full benefit plan.


 Missionary or NGO worker Mariner Yacht Crew ?  

Common features:  Expat medical plans typically cover of course illness, accidents, sickness, emergency room, emergency medical evacuation/ repatriation along with being annually renewable for life (with some exceptions), covering maternity and newborn, wellness of adult and child, dental / vision, AD&D or Term Life insurance and many other add on benefits.  Only  a few plans on this page require medical underwriting.  The others are simply 

Commons Uses:  for those immigrating to the USA or coming to America to work or reside with family, H2B work visa participants

What is a scheduled benefit plan ?

Schedule of benefits is a term used by a few insurance programs that offer a less expensive and more economically priced plan.  The plans are like a menu at a diner whereby you have a capped price for each item the plan covers.  For instance, emergency room visits would have a max limit of coverage no matter the reason for the visit.  Anesthesia would have its own limit no matter procedure.  Costs associated with hospital room and board charges would have limits on number of nights and price for semi private rooms, and so on and so forth.  Each plan will show the detailed list or schedule and we advise clients to pay special attention to the limitations within.  This is why they are also refered to as "limited benefit" plans.  The Seven Corners Inbound Immigrant plan is an example of scheduled benefit plan.