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Get your online quote now with the GAPP AD&D plan.  Provides worldwide coverage even in war zones

Petersen International Underwriters: High Limit AD&D / APTD

Offering from $100,000 to $100 Million in coverage limits.  Options to add riders for acts of war/ terrorism, hazardous sporting activities, worldwide coverge in any country  and an accidental permanent total disability rider option.  Additional options for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.  Requires an approved USA accomodation address on application.  Large and small group plan options also available for organizations and companies that send employees and contractors abroad often throughout the year.


Global Underwriters: Global Accident Protection Plan (GAPP)

Provides from $100,000 to $1M limits, also with coverage for acts of war and terrorism in all countries worldwide.  Any nationality can apply and therefore not just limited to USA addresses only.  Cannot offer the APTD rider for disability however does provide emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.


Needing additional life insurance while traveling abroad ?  Need coverage for acts of terrorism?

Why Accidental Death & Dismemberment?

Accidents happen !

Everywhere we look, accidents are all around us, but we never think they will happen to us, right ?  Statistics prove otherwise and when they do occur its difficult to manage the financial and emotional hardships that occur after an accidental death or life changing injury.

The programs on this page provide at a minimum AD coverage.  This is a claim related just to an accidental death.  Death due to natural causes or illnesses (such as stroke, heart attack, cancer, complications of diabetes, etc) are not covered under an accident life policy.   One would need an FTS (Failure to Survive) plan for death claims related to illness and accident.

However, with a High Limit Accident Insurance plan, you can be prepared for the worst and eliminate the financial stress that accompanies a death or permanent disability due to a devastating accident.

Petersen International Underwriters’ High Limit Accident Plan will cover an individual or a group 24/7 with issue limits from $100,000 to $100 million in the case of an accidental death or dismemberment. This high limit plan can also be tailored to insure you against specific risks such as war and terrorism (even in war zones), aviation, common carrier transportation, motor racing, and mountain climbing, to name a few.   In addition, PIUs plan has an option for accidental permanent total disability.  To qualify for PIUs plans, one must have an accomodation address within the United States.  To obtain a quote we simply need the one page application here completed and returned via email .  Quotes within 24 hours typical.  Simply download the High Limit AD&D Brochure + Application, complete and return by email to .

Alternatively, should you be a foreign national and don't have a US address to utilize, we recommend the GAPP plan from Global Underwriters.  The GAPP plan is also quickly applied for ONLINE for limits up to $1M.  The plan is available to all nationalties with a very few exceptions.