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GeoBlue: Voyager Group

  • up to 180 days of coverage, extendable up to another one time period of 180 days if still abroad at time of extension
  • only available to US residents traveling outside the USA
  • extensive provider network worldwide allowing for direct billing of claims
  • pre-existing conditions coverage optional
  • acts of terrorism included worldwide
  • broad coverage for leisure sports included
  • Policy wording: Voyager Choice
  • Brochure Download

Tokio Marine HCC: Atlas Group

  •  up to 364 days continuous coverage & can be extended for up to 3 years (US citizens)
  • available to both US and non US citizens, both outbound and inbound travel
  • Limited political / natural disaster evac
  • Hazardous sporting coverage included
  • Complications of pregnancy
  • Limited acts of terrorism coverage
  • Crisis Response, AD&D, personal liability options to add
  • Policy wording: Atlas Group
  • Brochure Download 

International Medical Group:
Patriot Group

  •  up to 364 days continous coverage & can be extended for up to 3 years
  • available to both US and non US citizens, both outbound and inbound travel
  • Policy wording: Patriot International
  • Brochure Download

Group Travel medical insurance brochure downloads

Below you will have access to the above listed program PDF brochure download files for each of the group travel medical insurance programs.

Coverage for groups of 5 or more traveling worldwide can have a savings of 10% over single trip plan

Why group travel medical insurance ?

Features & Uses of Group Travel Medical Insurance:

 Many times the primary medical insurance in your home country will not cover you while traveling abroad and often will not provide important services, perhaps essential ones, in the event of an illness or injury. Single trip travel medical insurance for groups of 5 or more travelers includes these essentials such as translation assistance during treatment, doctor and hospital referrals, and assistance replacing lost prescriptions. 


Group travel medical insurance policies provide short term medical coverage for travel from as little as 5 days up to 12 months in length or longer, depending on the particular plan design.   To qualify group coverage, you must have 5 or more individuals on your policy.

Coverage can be used for US Citizens/ Residents traveling worldwide, as well as foreign nationals visiting the United States. Most plans can be renewed up to 3 years maximum, but you may want to consider a worldwide major medical annual insurance policy if traveling 6 months to one year or longer.  International travel medical insurance plans cover for illness, sickness, accidents, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains,  common carrier and general accidental death & dismemberment, bedside visitation of family, among other unique additional benefits.  A few will cover acts of terrorism worldwide and high adventure sporting coverage options . 

Immigrating or Visiting in the USA ?  Missionary or NGO worker Mariner Yacht Crew ?  

Common features:  single (one off) trips from a few days to a few years; can be automatically extended online at time of expiration; no medical underwriting (guarantee issued), limitations on pre-exisiting conditions coverages; limitations on coverage back in home country; an affordable alternative to worldwide major medical annual plans

Commons Uses:  Groups of 5 or more individuals taking leisure of vacation trips, traveling executives for short term work abroad, students traveling for semester abroad studies, missions / humanitarian travel

Single vs. MultiTrip Coverage?

Do you travel frequently throughout the year for business or pleasure ?  For possibly several weeks or months at a time ?  Want to avoid the hastle of having to take out a single trip travel medical policy each and every time  before your trip ?  Afraid you'll forget to take it out in time or not at all ?  

Never forget again, as multi trip travel medical insurance is "one and done" for unlimited international trips in any given year.  Programs range from offering trip durations up to 70 days, coverage for pre-existing conditions and to be eligible you would need to maintain a primary health insurance plan stateside (ie; Medicare, ACA, or other primary or group medical plan)