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Don't leave home without being fully insured with foreign general liability insurance against lawsui

Why the need for Foreign General Liability (FGL) Insurance ?

Most U.S.-based organizations understand the legal exposures they face within the United States when conducting business and they understand how litigious it can be. When a business ventures to other countries, however, they can encounter a number of unfamiliar laws, languages and customs. By ensuring they have Foreign General Liability coverage as the first line of defense against costly legal actions arising from events occurring outside United States borders, is sound protection and a wise risk management strategy every company should enact before taking off abroad .

Some examples: 

  • When your company manufactures and distributes products outside of the U.S., Foreign liability insurance will protect your company in the event an employee faces foreign lawsuit or injury. It will protect assets that may become seized, allow for the continuation of future foreign business, and may allow foreign judgments to be satisfied in the U.S.
  • When your company rents offices or runs meetings, product demonstrations or trade shows in foreign companies. Purchasing foreign liability insurance protects for damages or injuries arising from such operations.
  • When any of your employees temporarily work in foreign territory and face injury or death, need immediate medical attention, or request emergency evacuation.
  • When employees, in a foreign country, need emergency travel services in the case of language barriers or political, medical or legal problems.
    When your company employee uses a vehicle outside the U.S.
  • When employees travel to certain Middle East, African Nation’s or Central & South American Countries where Kidnap (express Kidnapping), Ransom, and Extortion are more common.

What does Foreign General Liability (FGL) insurance cover ?

Coverage is used by individuals and businesses for legal actions from events outside U.S. borders.  Your stateside FGL plan will not cover you abroad most of the time.  Package plans cover: 

  • Foreign General & Casualty Liability
  • Foreign Workers Compensation
  • Property Damage
  • 24-Hour Travel Assistance
  • Foreign Travel Medical/Injury/Death
  • Protect Assets
  • Lawsuits
  • Foreign Auto

Who is an FGL package plan meant for ?

  • Those who work on any military bases worldwide
  • Companies with employees who travel internationally
  • Companies with employees stationed in foreign countries (temporarily or permanently)
  • International event attendees and exhibitors (conferences, trade fairs)
  • Exporters
  • Professional firms or other businesses that perform work overseas
  • Sponsors of overseas trips, tours or study abroad programs
  • Companies with overseas sales offices or operations (owned or leased)
  • Companies doing business via the internet (sale of goods or services outside the United States)
  • Educational institutions and non-profit organizations

Foreign Liability Insurance Applications

Foreign General Liability Package (pdf)


Foreign Property Package (pdf)