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Individual Travel Medical

Individual or family international travel medical insurance for business or leisure trips worldwide.

Travel medical insurance for individuals and families from a few days up to 364 days of coverage while traveling outside their primary home country.

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Group Travel Medical

Group coverage for international travel abroad for international travel health insurance benefits .

Travel medical insurance for groups traveling together that have 5 or more individuals.  Group discounts of up to 10% compared to individual plans alone.

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Frequent Annual Travel

Annual multi trip travel medical insurance for those business travelers worldwide

Annual "one plan" multi trip travel medical coverage for frequent trips abroad for up to 70 days per trip.  One low price.  One plan and done. Must have a primary health plan to qualify.

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Trip Cancellation

Providing benefits for trip cancellation, trip delay, trip interruption along with medical benefits

Trip Package Plans not only cover travel medical benefits but add benefits for monetary losses on trip deposits for trip cancellations, interruptions or delay.

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Student / Scholar/ Faculty

International student health insurance for study abroad and scholar activities

Are you studying abroad ?  A scholar coming to America ?  International student health insurance meets university requirements and can be used abroad or in the USA.

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Visa Compliant Plans

Approved for Schengen visa, exchange visa, J1 Visa, F Visa, H1B visa , European Union visas.

Are you required to show proof of health coverage when applying for an entry visa to the European Union, Schengen States or United States ?  Our plans meet all the consular requirements and come with a downloadable visa letter.

* Featured Plan from TMHCC *

Visitors to the USA

Diplomat America plan is perfect for those inbound visitors to the USA for visitor health insurance

Comprehensive inbound visitor health insurance for those foreign nationals coming to the USA

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Missions / Humanitarian

Travel medical insurance specifically designed for the mission minded traveler.

Specially designed missionary travel medical insurance with comprehensive international health insurance benefits and emergency medical evacuation

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Seniors Aged 65+

Seniors aged 65 and older have special needs including needing coverage for pre-existing conditions

Are you a US resident aged 65 or older?  Have Medicare ?  Then you are eligible for Voyager Choice, which will provide coverage abroad for pre-existing conditions!  Don't leave home without travel medical coverage.

* Featured Plan from GeoBlue *

High Adventure Travel

High adventure sporting travel medical insurance worldwide

Climbing Kilimanjaro?  Paragliding in Paraguay? Ziplining in Zimbabwe?  Skiing in the Swiss Alps ?  Don't leave home without the proper high adventure sporting travel medical insurance plan

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High Risk Regional Travel

Benefits that cover you for claims related to acts of terrorism worldwide in all high risk countries

Are your travels taking you abroad to high risk zones within the Middle East, Africa, Mexico or elsewhere ?  Be certain your travel medical insurance plan covers you for acts of terrorism claims.  Our featured plan does !

*Featured Plan from GeoBlue*

Life Coverage Abroad

High limit accidental death and dismemberment coverage providing global reach worldwide acts of terr

High limit Accidental Death & Dismemberment plans provide supplemental life insurance coverage when traveling abroad and extends coverage for acts of terrorism benefits as well as high risk regions of the world.

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