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Seven Corners: Inbound Guest & Choice

  •  Up to two plan choices: Guest and Choice, with coverage up to 180 days (Guest) and up to 2 years (Choice)
  • available to non US citizens, inbound travel to the United States
  • Scheduled benefit program for those budget conscience
  • Policy wording: Inbound Guest / Choice
  • Brochure Download

Tokio Marine HCC: Visitor Secure

  •  up to 364 days continuous coverage
  • available to non US citizens, inbound travel
  • Scheduled benefit program for those budget conscience 
  • Policy wording : Visitor Secure
  • Brochure Download 

International Medical Group: Patriot America

Global Underwriters: Diplomat America

  • up to 364 days continous coverage
  • available to non US citizens, inbound travel to USA
  • Most comprehensive benefits; no schedule 
  • Policy wording:  Diplomat America
  • Brochure Download

Visitor medical insurance brochure downloads

Below you will have access to the above listed program PDF brochure download files for each of the travel medical insurance programs.

Visiting America on short term basis?  One needs to protect themselves when in the USA from accident

Why visitors travel medical insurance ?

Features & Uses of Visitor Travel Medical Insurance:

 Traveling abroad to America can be daunting.  And having an unexpected medical emergency, illness or accident would only add to the issues one might experience on their travels.   Medical costs in the USA can be costly if one does not have proper health insurance benefits and many times US consulates will require coverage prior to entry under a visa.  The plans on this page from Seven Corners and HCC are designed for the short term visitor to America, providing a schedule of medical benefits at a reasonable price structure.  The plans on this page from IMG and Global Underwriters provide more comprehensive benefits and cost a bit more than the scheduled benefit programs.

The term, Scheduled Benefits, refers to a stated and fixed amount the carrier agrees to pay per benefit or medical procedure. These amounts can be found in the Schedule of Benefits contained in the policy. This term is often used in a plan referred to as a Scheduled Benefit plan, which is also called a Limited Plan, such as the Inbound Series and Visitor Secure plans are.


Plans that are NOT scheduled or limited plans are therefore by definition more comprehensive and do not utilize a specific menu or schedule of payment when paying medical claims.  Such plans will pay up to the maximum limit of the policy limit amount and thus the costs of these plans are more expensive than their counter parts.  We have two listed, called Patriot America and Diplomat America.

Other eligible Medical Expenses for a Covered Injury or Illness and Emergency Travel Benefits are:    Unexpected injury or illness.  Ambulance and hospitalization up to the benefit limits.  Emergency room and urgent care centers up to the benefit limits.  Outpatient care up to the benefit limits.  Injury or illness due to terrorism up to the benefit limit.  Prescription drugs for treatment of a covered injury or illness up to the benefit limit.  Mental health disorders up to the benefit limit.  Emergency medical evacuation up to the benefit limit.  

Each program from the carriers we have selected offer varying degrees of benefits so we recommend reviewing each for benefits you are looking to cover that are most important to you.  All of these plans do have restrictions on what they will and won't cover when it comes to a ongoing and current pre-existing medical condition and these scheduled benefit plans do have limited caps on benefits that they will cover

Coverage can be used for nonUS Citizens traveling to the United States as well as US citizens traveling abroad, as well as foreign nationals visiting the United States. Most plans can be taken for up to 364 days continuously, but if you are immigrating long term to the USA you may want to consider a longer term immigrant medical annual insurance policy if traveling 6 months to one year or longer.   Keep in mind that Medicare from the US Government is not available to those immigrating to the USA for at least the first 5 years while in America!

Common features:  available from a few days of coverage to 364 days; can be re written for additional periods at time of expiration; no medical underwriting (guarantee issued), limitations on pre-exisiting conditions coverages; limitations on coverage back in home country; an affordable alternative to non-scheduled benefit plans

Commons Uses:  Individual or families visiting the USA and are on a budget

Visitor vs. Immigrant ?

Are you just coming to America for a short stay visit of family or friends ?  Or, are you immigrating the United States lawfully through a visa or green card process ?  

If just visiting for less than a year, we recommend the short term visitor plans; however, if you are immigrating long term for a year or longer, we recommend these longer term immigration plans.