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GeoBlue: Global Expat

International Medical Group: Global Employers Option (GEO Plan)

International Medical Group: Global Employers Option (GEO Plan)

International Medical Group: Global Employers Option (GEO Plan)

International Medical Group: Global Employers Option (GEO Plan)

International Medical Group: Global Employers Option (GEO Plan)

  • Comprehensive, employer-sponsored group health insurance for internationally assigned employees
  • Life, dental and daily indemnity coverage
  • Full group takeover and replacement provision
  • COBRA and HIPAA like options
  • Enhanced benefit option for U.S.-based employers
  • Policy wording details
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Employer Group Request for Proposals

Select from the below RFPs to download, complete and return to Derek Patterson at or fax 417-459-4623

Are you a small firm or large company with employees around the globe ?  We can offer group plans

Why employer group medical insurance ?

How can we help your Human Resources Department ?

As an international employer, it is vital that you provide the best health care benefits possible to your employees worldwide, no matter their location.  By providing such top tier benefits at an affordable price point is what retains top-level staff.  In order to follow through on this, you must ensure that staff receive worldwide access to quality care, superior international claims administration and financial stability you would expect from a top rated insurer, such as the one's we've selected here.   These carriers are long established in the international market and are top tier in the global assistance services sector.

These plans are designed for:

  • multinational employers with two or more employees
  • employees living and working outside their home country
  • TCNs or Key Local Nationals
  • Independent contracted employees

Need missions/ aidworker/ NGO or marine yacht crew group benefits ?

Highlights of these plans features include:

  • Worldwide coverage area
  • Full group takeover/ replacement provisions
  • Waiver of pre-existing waiting periods *
  • Medical History Disregarded underwriting option
  • Dental, disability and life insurance options available
  • Universal RX options 
  • Proprietary global network access
  • Direct billing / Guarantee of payment availability

Are group plans ACA compliant ?


The Affordable Care Act (aka ACA or ObamaCare) was passed in March 2010.   Health care costs in America since it's passage have sky rocketed for individuals and families.  The specific mandates allowing anyone to sign up during certain times of the year without regard to their current and ongoing pre existing conditions, pregnancy status etc has been the leading reason for why the program has been loosing money and why costs are so high.  The "shared responsiblity payment" or "individual mandate" is a tax assessed for those US tax payers who choose or chose not to pay for an ACA plan.  Since the Trump Administration, starting in 2019 the fees go away. If you don’t have ACA coverage during 2019, the penalty fee no longer applies. And you don’t need an exemption in order to avoid the penalty

MultiNational Group Benefit programs we offer on this website are ACA Compliant due to how group underwriting can potentially waive the pre-existing conditions provisions.  

We recommend if you have questions about ACA and how it affects you to contact your CPA or accountant, as the tax laws are constantly changing.  We do not offer advise on taxation matters.