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HTH Worldwide: Trip Protector

Seven Corners: Round Trip Choice

HTH Worldwide: Trip Protector

  • Economy, Classic and Preferred Plan Levels 
  • Top level plan has a 500K medical benefit max covering illness and accidents
  • Only for US residents and covers both US and outbound travel 
  • For use in the US would have to be covering a trip
  • state-of-the-art mobile and web-based medical assistance tools and databases
  • Insured by Nationwide

Tin Leg: Trip Insurance

Seven Corners: Round Trip Choice

HTH Worldwide: Trip Protector

  •  Economy, Standard, Luxury & Adventure Plan Levels
  • named by Forbes as Best Travel Insurance for Seniors (Aug '18)

Seven Corners: Round Trip Choice

Seven Corners: Round Trip Choice

Seven Corners: Round Trip Choice

Needing full trip protection against loss of trip deposits?  Threat of cancellation or travel delay?

Why trip cancellation insurance ?

Features & Uses of Trip Cancellation Insurance:

Just like the Griswolds from the classic movie Vacation, you are setting out on a cross country family trip to a popular theme park or other destination such as visting grandma 6 states away.  A lot can happen along the way.  Travel plans can change for any reason. Savvy travelers insure their trip and their health with a travel protection plan.  Many don't realize that deposits placed on reservations are often times not returned in part or in full if you cancelled a trip.  Additionally most travelers are not thinking about accidents or sickness issues when away from their local home, doctors and hospitals.  These days health insurance plans are often times only able to be used fully without restrictions sometimes in your own town and county in your particular state.  Were you to use your local health plan six states away you'd find severe out of network costs.  Consideration of both your monetary trip losses and losses related to medical costs when traveling are very important considerations before you step foot outside your door on the way to the car or airport.  

The above scenario was highlighting travel within the United States.  What about trips internationally, originating from the USA?  Well, the Griswolds also did a European Vacation too.  And they had many mishaps along the way.  One must consider trip package plans and trip cancellation plans whether a domestic or international trip is in your future.

Most plans are comprehensive in benefits and includes medical protection, trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage protection and more. All our providers offer coverage and services you need to help you identify, access and pay for healthcare services in 190 countries.


Your vacation after all, is an investment which can be easily protected with coverage for certain expenses should circumstances force you to cancel or interrupt your trip:

• Recover losses due to illness, injury, terrorism, financial

default by your tour or cruise operator, dangerous weather

conditions and more.

• Ensure you have financial and medical support in the event

medical transportation is required due to severe illness or


• Access additional support for services you might need

including guarantees of payment for medical care and

assistance for prescriptions and contact lens replacement.

* Coverages may vary by plan choosen; please read your plan documents for complete details

Commons Uses:  Individual or families taking leisure of vacation trips both in the USA or abroad, seniors booking cruises, individuals or families renting AirBnB vacation homes when traveling, bookings on African safaris and so much more... 

Are you needing coverage as a non US resident ?

Most of the plans one will find on the web are designed exclusively for US citizens and residents in America for trips originating in the USA to international locations.

Well, the rest of the world travels, don't they?

Seven Corners offers Round Trip International for those cases where  travelers are living outside the US or are traveling to the US or to other countries outside their home country.  This plan only provides up to 30 days of coverage.

Covering your monetary losses are important on any trip, as most trip costs can be quite expensive.  Don't get caught without.