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GeoBlue: Voyager Travel

Tokio Marine HCC: Atlas Series

Tokio Marine HCC: Atlas Series

  • up to 180 days of coverage, extendable up to another one time period of 180 days if still abroad at time of extension
  • only available to US residents traveling outside the USA
  • extensive provider network worldwide allowing for direct billing of claims
  • pre-existing conditions coverage with Choice plan
  • acts of terrorism included worldwide
  • broad coverage for leisure sports included
  • review EXCLUDED sporting activities NOT covered
  • Policy wording:  Choice
  • Brochure Download

Tokio Marine HCC: Atlas Series

Tokio Marine HCC: Atlas Series

Tokio Marine HCC: Atlas Series

  •  up to 364 days continuous coverage & can be extended for up to 3 years (US citizens)
  • available to both US and non US citizens, both outbound and inbound travel
  • Limited political / natural disaster evacuation included
  • Hazardous sporting coverage included
  • Review covered hazardous sporting activities listing
  • Complications of pregnancy
  • Limited acts of terrorism coverage
  • Crisis Response, additional AD&D, personal liability options to add
  • Policy wording : Atlas Premium
  • Brochure Download 

Petersen Int'l Underwriters: USAway

Petersen Int'l Underwriters: USAway

Petersen Int'l Underwriters: USAway

  • up to 364 days continous coverage
  • choice of deductibles and policy maximums
  • up to age 84
  • no medical underwriting / guaranteed issue
  • available to US citizens and residents traveling outbound from the United States worldwide
  • Options for war / terrorism rider in all countries
  • Options for adding extensive hazardous sporting activities
  • Review detailed listing of hazardous sports covered
  • Policy wording : USAway
  • Brochure Download

Global Underwriters: Diplomat Series

Petersen Int'l Underwriters: USAway

Petersen Int'l Underwriters: USAway

Hazardous sports insurance brochure downloads

Below you will have access to the above listed program PDF brochure download files for each of the travel medical insurance programs.

Traveling abroad to take part in kitesurfing in Mexico or climbing Mt Kilimanjaro or Everest?

Why hazardous sporting travel medical insurance ?

Features & Uses of Hazardous Sports Travel Medical Insurance:

 Traveling abroad and partaking in high adventure sporting activities for leisure is a growing trend worldwide.  Snow skiing in the Alps, climbing Kilimanjaro in Africa or going on Safari or surfing off the coast of Australia are all risks that are not covered under most traditional international medical insurance plans and certainly not covered under your domestic health plan.  

Be certain you understand the fine print of your travel medical policy to see if your specific activity is covered or not.  Also, be aware that you cannot add coverage to a policy once you are already abroad, so you need to anticipate the need ahead of time should you think you might want to take part in such high adventure activities while abroad.

Of our products listed above, GeoBlue Voyager Choice and HCCMIS Atlas Series plans come with included coverages for most common leisure sporting activities (without paying additional premium or having to add a rider).   Common activities that are typically included at no additional cost are leisure activities such as horseback riding, snow skiing on piste, hiking trails that do not require ropes and guides or lines, etc.  We offer a detailed listing of plans vs what they will and won't cover.

If you are partaking in higher risk sporting adventures, especially those where "at height" or "flying or dangling from a line" are involved (bungee, hang gliding, kitesurfing and the like), we would recommend reviewing coverage from the Petersen or GU plans.  Either of these carriers have a wide option listing to choose from and if you don't find your activity listed just contact us and we'll locate and confirm if coverage can be offered.

Is Search and Rescue Covered?

 Do you seek high adventure ?  Have you considered a "search and rescue" scenario ?  Did you know that travel medical insurance will NOT cover search and rescue specifically ?   We highly recommend supplementing with a Global Rescue membership.

Here is what you get with Global Rescue:

  • Medical Consultation services 24/7/365 with critical care paramedics, nurses and physicians, and an exclusive relationship with the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations
  • Field Rescue from the point of illness or injury for any serious medical emergency
  • Evacuation back to the member's home hospital of choice
  • Security Extraction from natural disasters, terror attacks and civil unrest
  • Travel Intelligence and event monitoring from our team of in-house analysts
  • GPS Tracking & Communication through our mobile app

Global Rescue provides the most complete medical, security and evacuation membership available for travelers worldwide.

Petersen Int'l Underwriters' USAway Plan



Participation in the following sports or activities are covered at no additional premium:Aerobics, Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Body boarding (boogie boarding) up to 10 ft waves, Bowling, Canoeing/kayaking/rafting (grade 1 only), Cross country running, Cycling (street), Deep sea fishing, Fencing, Fishing, Go karting, Golf, Gymnastics (non-competitive), Hot air ballooning (organized pleasure rides only), Indoor climbing (on climbing wall), Jet boating, Martial arts/karate (non-competitive), Paint balling/war games (wearing eye protection), Parasailing (over water), Rowing, Running (non-competitive and not marathon), Sailing/yachting (if qualified or accompanied by a qualified person and no racing), Snorkeling, Soccer, Spear fishing up to 30 ft (without tanks), Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Trampolining, Trap shooting, Trekking/hiking (without the need for climbing equipment) up to 10,000 ft above sea level, Tug of war, Volleyball

(additional premium required)

Hazardous Sports and Activities are the following list of activities which are considered to be more than a standard risk. This optional rider will provide up to $250,000, or the Maximum Benefit, whichever is less, for eligible expenses incurred by participation in the following:Bungee Jumping, Driving/Riding a motor scooter, Hang Gliding, Horseback Riding (no jumping), Hiking/Trekking (without the need for climbing equipment) up to 20,000 ft above sea level, Ice Skating (non-competitive), Jet Skiing, Mountaineering up to 10,000 ft, Paragliding, Roller skating/inline skating, Scuba diving (up to depth of 60 ft if PADI or equivalent qualified or accompanied by qualified instructor & not diving alone), Skydiving with an instructor, Snow Skiing/Snowboarding (excluding back country & helicopter skiing/boarding), Snowmobiling (trail riding only), Surfing up to 10 ft waves, Tree canopy tours/Zip lining/repelling, Wake Boarding, Waterskiing, White Water Rafting/canoeing/kayaking (grades 2-4 only), Windsurfing 

GeoBlue's Voyager Choice Plan


Below are items listed as EXCLUSIONS regarding hazardous activities.  If your activity falls outside these listed exclusions, then they are more than likely covered.  Please email us if you have concerns.

Exclusions: Under the medical treatment benefits, for loss due to or arising from a motor vehicle Accident if the Covered Person operated the vehicle without a proper license in the jurisdiction where the Accident occurred. 

Exclusions:  Loss arising from 

a. participating in any intercollegiate/interscholastic sport, contest or competition; 

b. participating in any intramural sport competition, contest or competition; 

c. participating in any club sport competition, contest or competition; 

d. participating in any professional sport, contest or competition; 

e. while participating in any practice or condition program for such sport, contest or competition; 

f. Racing or speed contests; 

g. sky diving, mountaineering (where ropes or climbing gear are customarily used), ultra-light aircraft, parasailing, sailplaning, hang gliding, bungee cord jumping, spelunking, or extreme skiing. 

Claims arising from loss due to riding in any aircraft except one licensed for the transportation of passengers. 

HCCMIS Atlas Plan



(no additional premium) 

1. You are covered for taking part in amateur/non-professional sports and activities, unless it is excluded below. Coverage is for recreational purposes incidental to a trip

YOU ARE NOT COVERED unless you fulfill the following conditions

1. You must ensure the activity is adequately supervised and that appropriate safety equipment (such as protective headwear, life jackets etc.) are worn at all times. 


1. The activity is organized athletics involving regular or scheduled practice and/or games; or 

2. The activity is performed in a professional capacity or for any wage, reward, or profit; or 

3. Expenses arise directly or indirectly from anything in the General Exclusions; or 

4. Any of the excluded items listed below: 

• All-Terrain Vehicles • American Football • Aussie Rules Football • Aviation (except when traveling solely as a passenger in a commercial aircraft) • Base Jumping • Big Game Hunting • Bobsleigh • Boxing • Cave Diving • Hang-Gliding • Heli-Skiing • Hot Air Ballooning as a Pilot • Ice Hockey • Jousting • Kite-Surfing • Luge • Martial Arts • Modern Pentathlon • Motorized Dirt Bikes • Mountaineering at elevations of 4,500 meters or higher • Outdoor Endurance Events • Parachuting • Paragliding • Parasailing • Powerlifting • Quad Biking • Racing by any Animal, Motorized Vehicle, or BMX, and Speed Trials and Speedway • Rugby • Running with the Bulls • Skeleton • Sky Surfing • Snow Skiing and Snowboarding, except recreational downhill and/or cross country snow skiing or snowboarding (no cover provided while skiing away from prepared and marked in-bound territories and/or against the advice of the local ski school or local authoritative body) • Snow Mobiles • Spelunking • Sub Aqua Pursuits involving underwater breathing apparatus unless accompanied by a certified instructor at depths less than 10 meters, or PADI/NAUI certified • Tractors • Whitewater Rafting • Wrestling 

GU Diplomat Plan


Athletic Sports & Hazardous Activity Rider

(additional premium required) 

- Athletic Sports & Hazardous Activity Rider - provides coverage if Your Injury or Illness results from the below enumerated Athletic Sports & Hazardous activities. NOTE: Any Athletic Sport & Hazardous Activity not expressly covered hereunder is excluded from this policy unless the activity is approved by the company prior to purchase or the activity is non-contact and engaged in by You solely for leisure, recreation, entertainment, or fitness purposes only

Table 1: For the below listed Hazardous Activities under this rider, the Medical Expense Benefit is for any Covered Injury or Illness resulting from

Low Option: BMX; Bobsledding; Bungee Jumping; Canoeing/Kayaking; Canopying; Cave tubing; Hang Gliding; Horseback Riding; Hot Air Ballooning; Jet Skiing; Martial Arts/Karate (Non-competitive); Motor Scooter; Motorcycling; Mountain Biking; Piloting any Non-commercial Aircraft; Safari; Scuba Diving (Not to exceed 30 feet, Resort Course or equivalent required); Snow Skiing (Recreational); Snowboarding (Recreational); Snowmobiling; Spelunking/Caving; Surfing (Recreational); Trekking (Not exceeding Class IV Difficulty on Yosemite Decimal System); Wakeboarding; Water skiing; Whitewater Rafting (Class I through V rapids); Wind Surfing; Zip Lining. 

Middle Option: Aerial Photograph (Use of proper restraints required); BMX (Racing or Competitive); Flying in any chartered/leased aircraft or helicopter; Heli-skiing; High Diving; Hot Air Ballooning (As a pilot);  Mountain Climbing (14,000 ft. & below - Ropes & proper safety equipment required); Parachuting; Paragliding; Parasailing; Parascending; Rock Climbing (Ropes & proper safety equipment required); Scuba Diving (Below 30 feet, PADI/NAUI Certification required, or insured must be accompanied by a certified diving instructor); Skydiving; Snow Skiing Off-Piste. 

High Option: Big Game Hunting (Use of Firearms); Diving with Sharks; Mountain Climbing (14,000 ft. & above - Ropes, proper safety equipment & certified guide required); Running with the Bulls; Security Detail (use of firearms). 

Table 2: For the below listed Intercollegiate, Interscholastic Athletics, Club Sports, and Organized Amateur Sports. Under this rider, the Medical Expense Benefit is reduced to $20,000 for any Covered Injury or Illness resulting from: 

Low Option: Ballet; Baseball; Cheerleading; Cross Country; Diving; Equestrian; Fencing; Field Hockey; Golf; Polo (Horse); Polo (Water); Rowing; Softball; Surfing; Swimming; Tennis; Track & Field; Volleyball. Middle Option: Basketball; Competitive Cycling (Road, Track, CX); Ice Hockey; Inline Skating (Helmet & Proper Equipment Required); Lacrosse; Martial Arts/Karate; Modern Pentathlon; Skiing (Slalom, Giant Slalom, Downhill); Ski Jumping; Wrestling. 

High Option: Football (No Division One); Gymnastics; Rugby (No Division One); Soccer.