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GeoBlue: Navigator for Maritime Crew

  •  Worldwide medical coverage built for Crew Members.
  • Select from a range of deductibles and rates.
  • Choose providers either in or out of our elite network.
  • Contraceptive services, surgeries and supplies are covered under the policy.
  • Unlimited annual and lifetime medical maximum.
  • Deductible waived for office visits with doctors.
  • No waiting period or sublimit for preventive services.
  • No precertification penalty for inpatient or outpatient care.
  • Pre-existing conditions covered with creditable coverage.
  • Illnesses and injuries related to terrorism are covered.
  • Sail boat racing and alcohol related injuries are covered.
  • Policy wording details
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Integra Global : Marine Sure

  •  up to 364 days continuous coverage & can be extended for up to 3 years (US citizens)
  • available to both US and non US citizens, both outbound and inbound travel
  • Limited political / natural disaster evac
  • Hazardous sporting coverage included
  • Complications of pregnancy
  • Limited acts of terrorism coverage
  • Crisis Response, AD&D, personal liability options to add
  • Policy wording details
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International Medical Group: Global Crew Medical Insurance

  • A long-term, annually renewable, comprehensive worldwide medical insurance program for professional marine captains and crew
  • Plan Flexibility
  • Choice of Coverage Area
  • Freedom to Choose Your Health Care Provider
  • Travel Intelligence Services
  • Assistance Services
  • Individual coverage
  • Captains of vessels
  • Crew members working at sea
  • Policy wording details
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Yacht crew medical insurance brochure downloads

Below you will have access to the above listed program PDF brochure download files for each of the travel medical insurance programs.

Are you crewing a yacht for a season or longer?  Captaining your own vessel?  Living on board?

Why yacht crew medical insurance ?

Features & Uses of Yacht Crew Medical Insurance:

 Whether you are a captain of your own vessel, crew at sea on an employees yacht or a group of crew members, yacht crew medical insurance provides a unique level of coverage that you wouldn't find with most any other health insurance programs in the world.

Being a crew member or boat owner or live aboard is a unique lifestyle and occupation.  It's nomadic, constantly moving around the globe, generally not on land.  Most think of their home address as something on land.  When living and working on board, your address is your vessel and it's current location which is constantly changing.  Crew medical plans are designed with this in mind and provide access to the highest quality health care anywhere in the world, no matter where you might be at the time.

Crew plans provide a level of coverage including but not limited to illness, accident, emergencies, hospitalization, emergency medical evacuation and repatration of remains benefits.  Many plans can provide maternity and wellness benefits.  Review each of the plans we present for all the specific details.

Immigrating or Visiting in the USA ?  Missionary or NGO worker ?  

Commons Uses:  individual or family crewing or captaining their own vessel as live aboards; paid crew as employees of a boat owner, small to large groups of crew members on research vessels, cruise lines, privately owned yachts

Needing income protection while working on board ?

Are you working on board a yacht or cruise ship, cargo tanker or research vessel ?  Is this where you make your paycheck ?  How would you pay your bills if you suddenly were injured or fell ill on the job and couldn't return to work for a period of time, or worse yet, permanently !  

Most people fail to recognize the critical need for disability income protection.  Most are good about paying for their property insurance on homes, cars and boats but most do not insure their paycheck, the ATM machine I like to call it... YOU!

Disability income protection insurance is very affordable and should be right up there with life insurance as a top coverage that every working person requires.    More than 1 billion people in the world are living with some sort of disability, according to a new international survey. That's about 15 percent of the world's population, or nearly one of every 7 people.